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Coaching and Consulting Services  – Dr Fritz works to help clients remove the barriers keeping them from living their most optimal lives. Typical clients include high level executives, business owners, traders, doctors, lawyers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and professionals at all levels of the corporate ladder.  Dr Fritz understands that is important to remain a leader in a very competitive world.  Using peak-performance training protocols  to tune the mind and the body for optimal performance, Dr Fritz helps clients identify abilities as well as develop and  strengthen their skills.

Workshops, Seminars, and Presentations – Dr Fritz has developed and taught specific training programs and coaching processes to corporate employees who must reach and maintain their highest potential.  Dr Fritz is currently an adjunct assistant professor at New York University and has also been a lecturer at Fordham University, Queens College, and Lehman College. Dr Fritz is available for group presentations, seminars and workshops.

Psychological and Counseling Services – As a New York State Licensed Psychologist, Fritz maintains a thriving private practice in the Time Square district of Manhattan and in the borough of Staten Island. Areas of specialty include emotional intelligence, stress management and dealing with life change. He uses a variety of therapeutic  approaches including supportive psychotherapy, hypnosis, guided imagery, and biofeedback.

Top 10 Psychologists in Staten Island 2016

Fritz A. Galette Psychologist has been recognized as one of the top Staten Island Psychology practices.
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