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Episode 104 – 10/3/13 – “Post-partum depression” – Dr.Fritz and Melissa are speaking with Karen Bergreen, headlining comedian and author of “Perfect is Overrated” about post-partum depression and other listener suggested topics. (Suggested by YOU!)

Episode 103 – 9/26/13 – Dr. Fritz and Melissa are joined by Comedian HADIYAH ROBINSON, as we discuss topics suggested by YOU, the listener… among them, “Beauty in Advertising/ What is Beautiful?”, “Why do we buy things we don’t need?” “Is it OK to treat your dogs like children?”

Episode 102 – 9/19/13 – “Live show with listener generated topics” – Wali Collins, comedian and author of bestselling book Y’Nevano, joins Dr. Fritz and Melissa on the air to discuss topics YOU, the listeners, wrote in and said you wanted to hear… (“Why do men and women cheat? Different reasons? Why do people without kids treat their dogs like children? Why do we procrastinate? Why does the changing of seasons make us sad? And many others….)

Episode 101 – 9/12/13 – “Overcoming your fears” – Dr. Fritz and Melissa are talking with Andy Engel, owner of Manhattan Comedy School and Rev. Jerry Troyer, Author of “Coming Out to Ourselves” about “OVERCOMING FEAR”. Whether it’s public speaking, flying, man-made catastrophes….what’s your fear? How do you move forward through it?

Episode 100 – 9/5/13 – “Anniversary Episode” – It’s out 100th episode !!! We’ve been doing this since 11/11/11 and today we turn 100. Listen in as we celebrate with guests Lisa and Roderick Priestly (wholelifestyles.us).

Episode 99 – 8/29/13 – “Having the conversation” – Over the past few weeks we have been talking about racism, civil rights and the need to keep the diaglogue going. During this episode we talk about HOW to have the conversation, what questions should be asked, and what is often excluded when the typical dialogue is occurring. We are joined by filmaker Pamela Harris of Iris Films. We are also joined by live callers who provide their insights, comments and resources. Resources: http://www.irisfilms.org, http://pisab.org, http://www.antiracistalliance.com

Episode 98 – 8/22/13 – In the summer of August 1963, the nation witnessed one of the largest political and social rallies in history. Organized by a group of civil rights, labor, and religious organizations, the march culminated in the historic “I have a dream” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King. Fifty years later, what has changed? Listen in as Dr Fritz and Melissa moderate a discussion with multiple callers providing their insights. experiences, and comments.

Episode 97 – 8/8/13 – Over the past few decades interracial relationships in America have increased significantly from less than 7% in 1980 to almost 15% by 2008. We are joined by comedian Alex Barnett (like Dr. Fritz in an interracial marriage) and live callers for an interesting and spirited conversation.

Episode 96 – 7/25/13 – On “Ask Dr. Fritz”, Dr. Fritz and Melissa are talking about “”Everyday Therapists”. In particular, we are talking with people who often have people telling them their personal business. Everyday therapists include bartenders, hairdressers, and cabdrivers to name a few of professional to which people spill their guts to… What secrets do people share with nonprofessionals? Why do they open up the skeleton closet to someone not ethically bound to keep their secrets? Are there other professions that get an earful? Do people tell you their stuff? Who do you share yours with? Our guests are: Hairstylist; Adeline Chung-Feder and former NYC Cab Driver-turned professional comedian and author: Jimmy Failla

Episode 95 – 7-18-13 – 11pm Dr Fritz takes the program on the road and records live from the Hilton Garden Inn in the NYC borough of State Island where he talks to Assemblyman Matthew Titone, Councilwoman Deborah Rose, Bishop Reverend Dr. Victor Brown and the owners of Hilton Garden Richard and Lois Nicotra.

Episode 94 – 7-18-13 10pm – Imagine how different your life would be if you could tell whether someone was lying or telling you the truth. Be it hiring a new employee, investing in a financial interest, speaking with your child about drugs, confronting your significant other about suspected infidelity, or even dating someone new, having the ability to unmask a lie can have far-reaching and even life-altering consequences. During this hour on “Ask Dr. Fritz”, Dr. Fritz and Melissa are talking with former CIA officer MIKE FLOYD, one of the authors of “SPY THE LIE” who will be sharing some of his proven techniques for DETECTING a LIE!!!

Episode 93 – 7/11/13 – “One in five Americans experience a mental health issue, yet only one in three reach out to receive mental health services, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” (http://www.nimh.nih.gov/). Join us during this hour as we speak with Terrie Williams (http://www.terriewilliams.com/), author of Black Pain: It just looks like we’re not hurting, and Deborah Mccoy, founder of “The Dana Project.”

Episode 92 – 6/27/13 – 11pm – When it comes to providing discipline for children, one controversial topic is spanking. Over the past three decades spanking has fallen out of favor but when you survey american households many still believe that it is a valid parenting technique. During this hour we are joined by live callers and parenting guest Jamie Klassel Weiner M.A., MHC-LP.

Episode 91 – 6/27/13 – 10pm – Over 60 percent of Americans households have a pet. This is almost 220 millions animals not including several million extra fish. The psychological benefits of pet ownership are plentiful. During this hour we talk about those benefits and are joined by pet owner and entrepreneur Howie Binder of the pet spa Doggie Do and Play Too (http://doggiedonyc.com/).

Episode 90 – 6/20/13 – 11pm – On “Ask Dr.Fritz” we’re talking about “HUMOR THERAPY” with Bill Drewes of non-profit “GOTHAM COMEDY FOUNDATION” and Lawyer-turned-Comedian Alex Barnett of “COMEDIANS AT LAW”.

Episode 89 – 6/20/13 – 10pm – We’re getting essential information from doctors visiting us from New York Cardiovascular Associates (NYCVA.ORG) about heart health and sleep deprivation. This INFORMATION MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE OR THE LIFE OF SOMEONE YOU LOVE.

Episode 88 – 6/13/13 – 11pm -Dr Fritz is joined by seven students who took part in one of the largest public exhibitions of art in New York City Parks history. They were students of a program called “LeAp” – Learning through an expanded arts program. LEAP is a hands-on, arts-based approach to teaching the academic curriculum integrating it with socially relevant issues, topics, and themes.

Episode 87 – 6/13/13 – 10pm – Suicide is one the leading cause of death in people ages 10 to 24 and rates have been rising in recent years. During this hour we talk about what can be done to address this serious issue. Discussed are warning signs ways to talk to someone who is in distress. If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255).

Episode 86 – 6/6/13 – Since the Sandy Hook shootings, gun control and gun violence has been in the headlines and very much on the minds of many Americans. Listen in for this two hour conversation where we explore this complex issue.

Episode 85 – 5/30/13 – What would happen if you put professional video cameras in the hands of youth (ages 16 to 21) and taught them how to make documentaries about social issues affecting their communities? The result is the Educational Video Center (EVC.ORG). Since 1984, this organization has students how to make documentary films depicting the social issues of our times. Listen in as we hear students talk about their current films on bullying and dating violence.

Episode 84 – 5/30/13 – Terry Hall from Kleinfelds in NYC joins us for a lively conversation about the how personality and personal vision influences the choice of a wedding dress. He makes a case for why the groom should care.

Episode 83 – 5/23/13 – We are joined once again by Dr. Hendrix to talk about how to change the relationship you have into the relationship you want. Listen in as we talk about the relationship revolution, no negativity, and getting the love you want.

Episode 82 – 5/16/13 – During this hour we are joined by Mr. Ron Artest Sr. and Jennifer Edwards of The Artest Foundation to talk about “at risk” youth and what their organization is doing to address this issue.

Episode 81 – 5/9/2013 – Dr. Fritz and Melissa talk with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Jeanne Rollins (liveonethegive.com) about Overfunctioning in Relationships. Are YOU doing so much in your relationships, that no one else has to? Do you have good kids but they just aren’t very helpful? We’ll discuss this and being a “greedy giver.”

Episode 80 – 5/2/2013 – Potentially traumatic events , or are highly distressing life events that involve actual or threatened death or serious injury and that potentially may result in serious psychological harm are very common. The most common response to traumatic events are a relatively stable pattern of healthy functioning coupled with the enduring capacity for positive emotion and generative experiences a.k.a. Resilience. Resilience is the common response. During this hour we talk about trauma and resilience.

Episode 79 – 4/25/2013 – Pregnancy and childbirth are among the most natural things in the world, conception is something that does not necessarily come easily for a great many people. Infertility has been estimated to affect some 15% of all couples in the western world who are trying to conceive. During this hour we talk with Scott Brown of California Cryobank about fertility and options for those who choose to use  a sperm donor. Check out his documentary Kids of 5114. This short film provides extraordinary insight into the lives of people who are born from donors.

Episode 78 – 4/18/13 – Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older (18% of U.S. population). 25% of children 13-18 have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are highly treatable, yet only about one-third of those suffering receive treatment. During this episode we talk about some of the most effective non medical treatments.

Episode 77 – 4/11/13 – At some point we all can experience minor frustrations and irritations that can lead to anger if left unchecked. During this episode we distinguish between anger and rage. We also explore what can be done to effectively vent our emotions before they become toxic and volatile.

Episode 76 – 4/4/13 – Dr.Fritz and Melissa are talking about BOILING FROG SYNDROME.  No…it’s not a formal clinical syndrome. It refers to a tendency to stay in a bad situation much longer than one should.

Episode 75 – 3/28/13 – Dr. Fritz Galette and Melissa are talking with Bloods Gang Member-Turned-Activist Jason Davis and Haitian Comic Tanael Joachim about their experiences growing up and its impact on their mental health and life outlook. Jason talks about how he uses his ongoing affilia

Episode 74 – 3/21/13 – Are you aware of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease? Did you know that snoring and sleep apnea can have a significant impact on your physical and mental health? Dr. Fritz and Melissa are talking about heart health with cardiologist Dr. Edward Bernaski and Dr. Sy Han from New York Cardiovascular Associates (www.nycva.org).  Listen in as we talk about signs and symptoms, risk factors, and ways you can collaborate with your physician to get the best medical care.

Episode 73 – 3/14/13 – Dr. Fritz and Melissa are talking with author Terrie Williams about her book Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We’re Not Hurting

Episode 72 – 3/7/13 – Over the past few weeks we have been keeping the lines open as we talk about racism and racial identity. During this hour we are going continue that discussion and explore how perception and discrimination are part of the normal human experience and how racial discrimination is learned and perpetuated  We are joined by comedian Robin Montague and a number of intelligent and lively callers.

Episode 71: 2/28/13 – Last week we began a discussion on racism that took on a life of it’s own as the phone lines lit up with live callers weighing in on the topic. This week, we asked people how they would like their racial identity expressed when someone is referring to them. During the hour we received a record number of callers with some of the best contributions in the program’s 70 episode history. Listen to this podcast and ask yourself how would you like people to refer to your racial and ethnic identity. Are you black, white, African American, hispanic……? Is the question even important in this day and age? www.TheDrFritzShow.com

Episode 70: 2/21/13 – Have you ever been the victim of discrimination, exclusion or profiling based on the shade of you skin? What is the impact of racism on psychological well being? What is unconscious racism? Listen in as live callers share their experiences and thoughts on the topic.

Episode 69: 2/14/13 – Tune in as we talk about “WHAT IS ROMANTIC”? “Why do we fall in love?” Get expert information from our guest, EK BARBER, writer of Romantic Fiction. Also listen as you hear what Dr Fritz has to say about maintain relationships across the life span.

Episode 68:  2/7/13 – We are joined by Dr. Harville Hendrix who is known internationally for his work with couples. Over the past four decades,  he and his wife Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D. cocreated Imago Relationship Therapy and developed the concept of “conscious partnership.” During this hour, we talk with Dr. Hendrix about Imago Relationship Therapy, a unique healing process for couples, prospective couples, and parents.

Episode 67: 1/31/13 – What would you do if you were faced with a sudden life threatening catastrophe? You may already know the answer if you endured 9/11, or made it through a natural disaster such as  hurricane Sandy. During this episode, we talk with Keith Josef Adkins the writer and director of a new provocative sci-fi series, “The Abandon”,  that follows a group of African American men and women after a catastrophic alien invasion. We are also joined by Scott Brown of California Cryobank to talk about where science fiction meets life and about what is really possible with today’s cryogenic technologies.

Episode 66:  1/24/13 – In the old days, which was not that long a ago, the way we made new friends was natural. We met people, in person, as neighbors, at school or at work. We developed relationships through physical contact and regular engagement in shared activities in the same environment. Technological advances over the past century have allowed us to form and maintain  relationships with a decreasing need to actually be in the same place. During this hour we are going to explore how technology, the Internet, and social media are changing the face of relationships. We are joined by special guest, author and entrepreneur Cara Leyba (@ChampagneDiet).

Episode 65:  1/17/13 – What is the difference between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist? Find out as Dr Fritz and Psychiatrist David Brody talk about diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. We are also joined at the top of the hour by State Senator Marty Golden who will provide us with an update of ongoing hurricane relief efforts taking place in our area.

Episode 64:  1/10/13 – Since the early 1960s, social science researchers have tried to isolate a set of personality traits/characteristics associated with entrepreneurial behavior and success. While the research is far from conclusive, entrepreneurs tend to be inventive, curious, energetic, motivated, conscientious and persistent. During this episode we are joined by entrepreneurs Vlane Carter and Steve Bala, of Action Burger Inc., and Dan La Russa of Limit Break Studios.  Dr Fritz and Melissa talk with them about their experiences in creating and being successful at their respective projects.

Episode 63:  1/8/13 – What happens when you put cameras into the hands of young people from under-served communities and teach them how to make documentaries about important social issues? Not only do you get genuine and gritty portraits of life from the perspective of our youth, you provide a platform for students who have never succeeded in school before to begin winning awards and scholarships as well as get hired to work in the media industry. In this episode, we are joined by Executive Director Steve Goodman, Co-Director Christine Mendoza and a student representative to talk about one of their latest documentaries.

Episode 62:  1/8/13 – The Dr Fritz Show is about encouraging stimulating and informative conversation relating to daily life. During this hour we start the conversation with current events and find ourselves talking about texting and the impact social media is having on our lives.

Episode 61: “Health and Wellness” – 1/3/13 – With the beginning of the year at hand we reminded of how important it is to care for the mind, body and soul. We are joined by Susan Hofmann of Mission Possible Acupuncture, and Elinor Johnston of The Medical Massage Group for an informative conversation.

Episode 60: “Happy New Year” – 12/27/12 – It’s the last program of the year and Dr Fritz and Melissa are reflecting on what was a packed year of awesome guests and topics covered.  We are joined by author, motivational speaker, and comedian Wali Collins.

Episode 59: “We are all in this together” – 12/20/12 This is the sixth of a seven part series on family careging sponsored by Emblem Health. During this hour we are joined by Carol Levine who directs the United Hospital Fund’s Families and Health Care Project, Gail Hunt, the President and CEO of the National Alliance for Caregiving, and Gregory Johnson, the Director and Creator of Emblem Health’s Care for the Family Caregiver Program

Episode 58: “Tipping” – 12-13-12 – What do you expect of customer service? Who deserves a tip? During this hour we’re talking with the “Guru of Gratuity” and author of the wildly popular “Waiter Rant” and “Keep the Change”, Steve Dublanica!

Episode 57: “Legal and Financial Issues in Family Caregiving” 12/6/12 – 12-6-12 – This is the fifth of a seven part series on family careging sponsored by Emblem Health. During this hour we are joined by attorney Robert Freedman and finance expert Adrian Berg about the legal and financial issues in family caregiving.

Episode 56: “Reading and Literacy: The Importance of reading to your child” 11/29/12  – What’s your favorite childhood book or story? Were you read to as a child? During this hour we examine the importance of reading to children and we are joined by Sean Reed who is working on a children’s series that will excite the imaginations of children and inspire them to explore Science and Math. Support Sean by going to the Milo and Bruno Kickstarter page (http://kck.st/U7yV9r).

Episode 55: “Maintaining the spiritual” 11/22/12 – Caring for someone who is sick or disabled can take it’s toll mentally, physically and spiritually. During this hour we talk with Cynthia Burke and Kate Lamb of Friends in Deed and Rev. Marion Gambardella who is a teacher,Spiritual counselor, Minister and Healing Therapist.

Episode 54: “The Devotion Project” 11/16/12 –  We’re talking about the continuing Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts with Paddy Tubz our “Man on The Scene” in The Rockaways and Breezy Point, as well as chatting with filmaker/director Tony Osso about his award winning series, “The Devotion Project.”

Episode 53: “Recovering from Sandy” 11/9/12 – This is a special episode sponsored by WWRL and offered in response to the outpouring of calls we have received from those affected by hurricane Sandy, those offering services, and those leading relief efforts. During the program we are joined by State Senator Marty Golden and Senator-Elect James Sanders who provide information on ongoing efforts within their communities.

Episode 52: “Maintaining the Emotional” 11/8/12 This is part three of a seven part series sponsored by Emblem Health. During this episode we are talking about emotional aspects of being a family caregiver. We are joined by Catherine Thurston,the Senior Director for Programs at Services & Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Elders (SAGE) and Rev. Robert Chase, the executive director of Intersections International.

Episode 51: “Hurricane Sandy” – 11/1/12 – From October 28th into the 29th, New York City was hit with hurricane Sandy. The bull’s-eye locally was the eastern shores of Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, lower Manhattan and the Jersey Shore. At the height of the storm, water surges flooded whole communities, gutted neighborhoods and took the lives of over 40 people in New York City alone. In its aftermath, the storm left millions without electrical power and basic services.

Episode 50:  “Maintaining  the physical”– 10/25/12 – Are YOU a Family Caregiver? If you provide regular and unpaid care to a loved one, YOU are a caregiver. We are joined this week by Sheila Warnock author of “Share the Care” and Dr. Robin Finley from the Department of Aging.  This is the second of a seven part series sponsored by Emblem Health focused on caring for the family caregiver.

Episode 49: 10/18/12- During this hour we talk about pedophilia, child molestation and what we can do protect our children. We are joined by expert special guest Paula Felps who is the founder of the Sexual Abuse Resource Network – www.pedophilesdontdiscriminate.com.

Episode 48: “ComicCon, Super Heroes, and The Energy” – 10-11-12 – LOU FERRIGNO brings it to The Dr. Fritz Show ComicCon style!. Then were joined in the studio with BRAND NEW SINGLES from Brooklyn Band, The Energy!

Episode 47: “Caring for the family caregiver” – 10/4/12 – We are joined this week by Gregory Johnson of Emblem Health to talk about family caregiving. This is the first of a seven part series sponsored by Emblem Health focused on caring for the family caregiver.

Episode 46: “Resilience” – 9/27/12 – Psychological resilience is the process of coping with stress and adversity. It is the process of regaining control, finding meaning, and moving forward with your life despite and in spite of stress, trauma, and loss. Resilience is generally understood as a process. It is not a specific set of traits. It is skills that can be learned and developed. Friedrich Nietzsche said, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” During this hour we are talking about resilience through the narrative of a very special guest, Zoey Mendoza. This episode may change the way you see your current challenges and if there was ever an episode you didn’t want to miss this is the one.

Episode 45: “Bullying” – 9/20/12 -Have you ever been bullied, witnessed someone being picked picked on, or have been the bully yourself? Bullying is a social drama requiring three characters; the bully, the bullied and the bystander. During this episode, Dr Fritz and co-host Melissa Nicoletti explore this dynamic and are joined by martial arts expert Sensei John Mirrione who is traveling the country to share with school children his inspiring story and teach them about building inner strength through meditation and philosophy.

Episode 44:The psychology of remembrance” – 9/13/12  – This September marks the 11th year since our lives were indelibly changed on a sunny Tuesday morning. Although it has been over a decade, we still remember that day like it was yesterday. We tend memorialize tragic events, disasters, death and loss. Why do we actively try to remember tragic events, disasters, and significant loss? What is the role of memorials, anniversaries and days of remembrance in our process of healing?

Episode 43: “Change Anything” – 9/6/12  Have you ever made a ‘New Year’ resolution that you did not keep? Did you expect that willpower alone would carry you through to personal success? Is there something in your life you would like to change but are not sure where to start?During this hour we talk with Kerry Patterson, the author of Change Anything: The new science of personal success. We focus on the “six sources of influence” that once understood can give you the road map needed to help you reach your goals.
Episode 42:  “Embrace Life” – 8/30/12 – You have heard the cliche that enjoyment in life comes from being able to “smell the flowers.” You have also heard about “being present” or “being in the moment” as a way to fully take in life. During this hour we explore these concepts as well as how to put them in to practice. We are joined by the CEO and founder of Le Grand Courtâge (www.legrandcourtage.com), Tawnya Falkner to talk about “embracing life, dreaming big and accepting all invitations.”

Episode 41:
  “Stress, anxiety, and PTSD” – 8/16/12 – Everyday we encounter situations that challenge us. These situations are not limited to what happens in our immediate lives. They extend to what we are exposed to in our communities as well as via the media and Internet. What is the impact of all of this on our psychological well being. During this our we distiguish between stress and trauma. Joining Dr Fritz Galette and Melissa Nicoletti is Psychiatrist Dr David Brody (1-212-245-1331).
Episode 40: “Psychology of Comedy” – 8/9/-12 – What is humor? What are the cognitive processes involved in getting a joke? What are the benefits of laughter? What makes something funny? Special guests include Walli Collins, Jimmy Failla, and Saranne Rothberg, CEO and Founder of Comedy Cares.
Episode 39: Free Speech – Dr. Fritz Galette and Melissa Nicoletti are joined by Bruce Knotts of Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office and Reverend Jerry Troyer author of Coming out to ourselves. During this episode we talk about free speech and how the Chick-Fil-A controversy, as well as other media side-shows, distract us from deeper issues. Where do we draw the line on free speech? Is there a line? What is selective indignation? Where does free speech go to far? How do we defend those rights?
Episode 38: How to find our your life’s purpose, if you don’t already know it? How to keep moving forward in your purpose when life presents you with challenges? Dr Fritz is joined by Klay Williams the author of There is only plan A. Listen in as they talk about how self awareness, beliefs, self love and persistence can help you reach your life purpose.
Episode 37: Dr. Fritz Galette and co-host Melissa Nicoletti delve into the psychology of motherhood. Is motherhood something intrinsic to all women? Do women naturally know how to parent? Why do we let men off the hook so easily? Joining Dr Fritz & Melissa are Joy Rose, founder of the Museum of Motherhood in NYC, comedian/actress/writer Sherry Davey and writer/blogger Varda Steinhardt.

Episode 36: Why are people so attracted to superheroes? Are superheroes only what we think of in comic books, and the movies? Are there any real living superheroes among us? During this episode we are joined by Lou Ferrigno, Thor Parker, Howard Latting, Robin Rosenberg, and Danny Fingerroth for an interesting conversation. Who is your favorite superhero?

Episode 35:  How do you stay committed to your health? How do you set sustainable goals? How do you make exercise more enjoyable? We talk again with health coach Lisa Priestly about commitment to health and wellness and the three Circles of Health:
  • Fitness – daily movement to maintain health and body function
  • Fuel – whole food eating, organic healthy choices to provide energy and vitality
  • Focus – Focus the mind on creating what we want to achieve – focusing on the can dos and giving our selves the quiet and reflective time to be introspective, connect our higher self and our ability to know what is needed

During this podcast we also explore ways to find comfort beyond ‘comfort foods/eating’ and pointers on how to structure our health and fitness programs for success.

Episode 34:  Rev. Jerry Troyer and comedian Jeffrey Lawrence join us for a lively discussion about pride, acceptance and coming out to the self.  For more information on discovering and accepting our true selves, check out www.comingouttoourselves.com and read Jerry Troyer’s book Coming Out to Ourselves.  This book is for anyone motivated and ready to break the bonds keeping them from living a most optimal life.

Episode 33: Emotional intelligence is generally described as an ability to recognize emotion in the self and others and use that information adaptively. During this hour we seek to better understand this concept as well as how to apply it in every day life.  Guests:  John Pellitteri, Ph.D. – Associate Professor & Director, Graduate Program in Counseling Queens College, City Univ of New York, Licensed psychologist with a private practice in Brooklyn and also licensed music therapist Natalie Loeb (founder), Gordon Loeb and Alec Loeb from Loeb Consulting Group LLC: a management and leadership development company dedicated to cultivating high potentials in law firms, businesses and student and community leadership.

Episode 32:  During this episode we hear from middle school students from New York City public schools representing each of the five boroughs. These students took part in the largest student art exhibition in the history of NYC parks. Administered by LEAPNYC.org, the students in ten different schools transformed lunchroom tables into beautiful and meaningful works of art addressing important social issues in their communities.

Episode 31:
Dr. Fritz and Melissa Nicoletti are talking about sleep…Do you get enough? What happens if you don’t? We are joined by medical sleep specialist Dr. Maynak Shuckla of Madison Sleep Center. Air Date 6/7/12
For more on sleep see:  http://www.cdc.gov/sleep/, http://www.psychologytoday.com/conditions/sleepwalking, http://www.thedoctorwillseeyounow.com/content/sleep/art3692.html
Episode 30: We are talking to Ila Lane Gross the founder of LEAP (www.LEAPNYC.org), an organization that has been providing art and music education in the schools since 1977 and has directly taught over two million students and counting. During this episode we talk about the need for art and music education in our school systems and the psychology of how this inclusion can facilitate the learning of other subjects including math and science. Air Date 5/31/12

Episode 29: Dr. Fritz and Melissa are focusing “MINDFUL EATING” and the effects of food on our mood and behavior. Our guests include Bart Potenza and Joy Pierson of the internationally known and celebrity frequented Candle Cafe (www.candlecafe.com), and Vegetarian Swedish Comedian Sten Ulfsson. We are treated to a call from Dr. Susan Albers author numerous books on the topic mindful eating (www.eatingmindfully.com).  Air Date 5/24/12

Episode 28: What happens when two comedians and a psychologist enter the studio? A lively conversation about the psychological benefits of humor and encouragement. Listen in as we are joined by motivational speaker and author, WALI COLLINS as we explore the psychology of comedy his book, “Y’NEVANO, Living a Regretless Life”.  Air Date 5/17/12

Episode 27: We all know that exercise, fitness, and healthy eating are good for our physical well being but the psychological benefits are often overlooked. During this episode, we highlight some of the mental benefits of exercise and fitness, and the transformational opportunities of ultra running. Guests include Lisa Priestly, Health Coach, master trainer and yoga instructor (www.wholelifestyles.com) and ultra runner Adam Gerber who will share his experiences having completed 50 and 100 mile runs. Air Date 5/10/12.

Episode 26: Students filmmakers from the Educational Video Center (www.EVC.org) visit the WWRL studios and talk about how EVC is teaching them how to make documentary films. They also discuss their work on this semester’s important documentary topic: “Disconnected Youth” which will premiere June 6th at Lincoln Center. Air Date 5/3/12

Episode 25: With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day approaching, Dr. Fritz & Melissa talk about the psychological impact and treatment process of infertility as well as the related legal issues. They are joined by Zoey Mendoza an INCIID (www.INCIID.org) scholarship recipient, Scott Brown, California Cryobank (www.cryobank.com) , and Melissa Brisman, Esq., Reproductive Possibilities, LLC (www.reproductivepossibilities.com). Air Date 4/26/12

Epiosode 24: Resilience is the process of adapting, coping, and recovering from the challenges, stresses and traumas of life. During this episode we are joined by legendary jazz musician Pat Martino where we hear about his remarkable recovery from a life threatening brain aneurism in 1980. Air Date 4/19/12

Episode 23: Getting taxes done on time can be a stressful experience. Dr Fritz along with co-host Melissa Nicoletti and guest Sean Reed talk about why we have so much trouble getting it done. Dr Fritz offers some tips on how to break the procrastination habit and Sean talks about what can be done with the refund. Air Date 4/12/12

Episode 22: We are hypnotized on the daily basis by the multitude of stimuli that direct our attention. From internal thoughts to commercial advertisements, we go in and out of hypnotic trances frequently. Dr. Fritz and co-host Melissa Nicoletti along with live callers explore the prevalence of hypnosis in everyday life. Air Date 4/4/12

Episode 21: A healthy mind requires a healthy body. Dr Fritz is joined by holistic lifestyles coach Lisa Priestly. Listen in as they discuss the importance of a lifestyle approach to healthy mental and physical well being with practical tips presented. – 3/28/12

Episode 20: Dr. Fritz is joined by the Brooklyn based rock band “The Energy.” The discussion focuses on the band’s musical journey, creative processes, and use of music to communicate a positive and progressive message. – 3/21/12

Episode 19: The tables are turned as co-Host Melissa Nicoletti interviews Dr. Fritz about how he first got into psychology, differences between helping professions and his thoughts on how to help people. – 3/14/12

Episode 18: Dr. Fritz interviews Antony Osso, the director of The Devotion Project: “a series of short documentary films celebrating LGBT couples of all stripes.” – 3/7/12

Episode 17: Dr Fritz along with co-host Melissa Nicoletti and special guest Jerry Troyer explore the psychological benefits of charity, giving, and volunteering. – 2/29/12