Dr Fritz Galette

Welcome!!! This program is about the “Psychology of Everyday Life.”

Each week we take a walk along the daily experiences of life and examine issues, problems and concerns affecting our lives, our communities, and our world at large. Our mission is to facilitate a conversation by bringing YOU information, people and practices to help you live your most optimal life. To help you cope with life’s trials and tribulations. This is a live show which means 1) you can participate, you have a voice, 2) you can join in the conversation,you can ask a question, 3) you can make a suggestion, 4) you can share a success or triumph on your life, and 5) you can tell us about someone who is doing some good. Your contributions here can make a difference so join us in the conversation.

Episode 102 – 9/19/13 – Live show with listener generated topics

Wali Collins, comedian and author of bestselling book Y’Nevano, joins Dr. Fritz and Melissa on the air to discuss topics YOU, the listeners, wrote in and said you wanted to hear… (“Why do men and women cheat? Different reasons? Why do people without kids treat their dogs like children? Why do we procrastinate? Why does the changing of seasons make us sad? And many others….)

Episode 101 – 9/12/13 – Overcoming your fears

Dr. Fritz and Melissa are talking with Andy Engel, owner of Manhattan Comedy School and Rev. Jerry Troyer, Author of “Coming Out to Ourselves” about “OVERCOMING FEAR”. Whether it’s public speaking, flying, man-made catastrophes….what’s your fear? How do you move forward through it?

Having the conversation

8/29/13 – Episode 99 – Over the past few weeks we have been talking about racism, civil rights and the need to keep the diaglogue going. During this episode we talk about HOW to have the conversation, what questions should be asked, and what is often excluded when the typical dialogue is occurring. We are joined by filmaker Pamela Harris of Iris Films. We are also joined by live callers who provide their insights, comments and resources.


Civil Rights March on Washington

8/22/13 – Episode 98 – In the summer of August 1963, the nation witnessed one of the largest political and social rallies in history. Organized by a group of civil rights, labor, and religious organizations, the march culminated in the historic “I have a dream” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King. Fifty years later, what has changed? Listen in as Dr Fritz and Melissa moderate a discussion with multiple callers providing their insights. experiences, and comments.

Interracial Relationships

8/8/13 – Episode 97 – Over the past few decades interracial relationships in America have increased significantly from less than 7% in 1980 to almost 15% by 2008. We are joined by comedian Alex Barnett (like Dr. Fritz in an interracial marriage) and live callers for an interesting and spirited conversation.

Everyday Therapists

7-25-13 – On “Ask Dr. Fritz”, Dr. Fritz and Melissa are talking about “”Everyday Therapists”. In particular, we are talking with people who often have people telling them their personal business. Everyday therapists include bartenders, hairdressers, and cabdrivers to name a few of professional to which people spill their guts to… What secrets do people share with nonprofessionals? Why do they open up the skeleton closet to someone not ethically bound to keep their secrets? Are there other professions that get an earful? Do people tell you their stuff? Who do you share yours with? Our guests are: Hairstylist; Adeline Chung-Feder and former NYC Cab Driver-turned professional comedian and author: Jimmy Failla